Event Name Locations Participants
All Day  
12:00 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
RAINIER BSF Board Meetings WISC Rainier Room (Bldg. 1) Bellevue Schools Foundation
7:30 am
200A Graduation Success Team meeting ESC Room 200A School Support
BAKER Interlake WISC Baker Room (Bldg. 1) Educational Service Center
OLYMPIC Interlake WISC Olympic Room (Bldg.4) Educational Service Center
RAINIER Interlake WISC Rainier Room (Bldg. 1) Interlake High School
8:00 am
200 New Hire Orientation ESC 200 Human Resources
250A New Hire Orientation ESC Room 250A Human Resources
8:30 am
200A Interlake ESC Room 200A Interlake High School
9:00 am  
9:30 am
BAKER Community Meeting WISC Baker Room (Bldg. 1) Graduation Success
RAINIER Vendor Walkthrough WISC Rainier Room (Bldg. 1) TECHNOLOGY
10:00 am
200A Coaches HR ESC Room 200A Human Resources
10:30 am  
11:00 am
RAINIER Interlake WISC Rainier Room (Bldg. 1) Interlake High School
11:30 am
RAINIER Mentor Training WISC Rainier Room (Bldg. 1) Volunteer and Mentoring
12:00 pm
200 BLT ESC 200 Executive Directors of Schools
200 MLL Department PD ESC 200 Curriculum and Instruction
OLYMPIC SLP 2019-2020 Professional Development WISC Olympic Room (Bldg.4) Special Education/Guidance
RAINIER Teaching and Learning WISC Rainier Room (Bldg. 1) Teaching and Learning Department
12:30 pm  
1:00 pm
200A Social Worker Meeting ESC Room 200A School Support
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
BAKER Equity U WISC Baker Room (Bldg. 1) curriculum
3:00 pm
OLYMPIC National Board Work Session WISC Olympic Room (Bldg.4) Equity & Family Engagement
3:30 pm
11:30 pm